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Equipment for Your Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Below you will find selection of equipment for your saltwater reef aquarium. Reef Hot Spot offers the lowest prices allowed by the manufacturer along with free shipping where advertised.

We are currently offering a selection Nano Cube Aquariums made by JBJ which are perfect for those who are beginners in the saltwater fish hobby. These Nano cubes also have a number of upgrade features which allow the advanced saltwater fish and coral hobbyist to grow ever more exotic and demanding coral and saltwater fish species.

Temperature is one of the most important parameters for any saltwater fish or coral reef aquarium. While there are many different opinions as to what is the optimal temperature for salwater fish reef aquarium, we recommend maintaining a termperature of 77-78 degrees. The arctica line of aquarium chillers that we carry are known for their low operating noise profile, reliability and competitive pricing.

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