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Live Rock

Quality Live Rock is an essential aspect of any saltwater reef aquarium. Live Rock seeds the new saltwater reef aquarium with tiny beneficial shrimp, macroalgae, pink and purple coralline algae as well helpful bacteria that will aid in filtration. Many reef tanks rely completely on live rock to provide the biological filtration for their reef aquarium. It is recommended to add a pound to a pound and a half of live rock per gallon of reef aquarium capacity.

Saltwater Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock (FOWLR) aquariums are generally more stable and have healthier animals than saltwater fish tanks without live rock. Live Rock provides added stability to the water chemistry as well as additional aquarium filtration capacity. By adding live rock to a saltwater fish only system, your saltwater fish will also benefit from the additinal food source provided by the small shrimp and tiny crustaceans which live inside the live rock.

Below you will find a selection of live rock newly imported from Fiji and Tonga. Reef Hot Spot sells live rock by the box lot and hand select pieces. Box lots are newly imported shipments of live rock rushed from the importer to your door. Hand select lots are comprised of hand picked pieces from our in house stock of live rock.

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