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Yellow Target Mandarin - 1-2 in. (Synchiropus picturatus)

Yellow Target Mandarin  - 1-2 in.  (Synchiropus picturatus)
Also know as the Target Mandarin, Yellow Target Mandarin, or the Yellow Mandarin Goby. Though this animal is commonly referred to as a goby, this name is misleading. The Yellow Target Mandarin is a Dragonet in the family Callionymidae.

Provide plenty of live rock to sustain its diet. This fish spends most of its time grazing on live rock and the substrate hunting copeopods and amphipods. As this fish feeds almost exclusively on these tiny crustaceans, its important to have a well established tank. You can help sustain the population of pods in the tank by building small piles of live rock rubble which predators cannot get into, as well as adding a refugium to the system. Similar feeding habits to the green mandarin, and the scooter blenny.

Other related Gobies include: Clown Goby - Citron, Clown Goby - Green, Clown Goby - Yellow, Coral Catfish, Firefish Goby - Helfrichi, Firefish Goby - Purple, Firefish Goby, Golden Head Sleeper Goby, Green Mandarin Goby, Moustache Jawfish, Orange Spot Goby, Rainfordi Goby, Scissortail Dartfish, Sleeper Banded Goby, Sleeper Goby - White, Tomiyama Shrimp Goby, Twinspot Goby, Watchman Goby - Banded, Watchman Goby - Blue Spotted, Watchman Goby - Spotted, Watchman Goby - Tiger, Watchman Goby - Wheeler's, Watchman Goby - Yellow, Yashia White Ray Shrimp Goby, Yellow Target Mandarin Goby, Zebra Barred Dartfish

Maximum Length: 4 in.
Care Level: Difficult
Family: Callionymidae
Reef Compatibility: Reef safe.
Minimum Aquarium Size: 55 gallons.
Range: Indo-Pacific
Diet: Carnivore
Water Conditions: 74-80 F; sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4

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