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Blue Hippo Tang Baby Tiny up to 1 in. (Paracanthurus hepatus) NG

Blue Hippo Tang Baby Tiny up to 1 in. (Paracanthurus hepatus) NG
While we do guarantee live arrival, due to the sensitive nature of this fish it is not covered by our live guarantee.

Also called the Pacific Blue Tang, Regal Tang, Hepatus Tang, Palette Tang, and the Hippo Tang. This fish is a royal blue, with a black marking on the body which resemble a painters palette. They have a yellow tail and yellow blotches on their pectoral fins.

An active fish that requires plenty of swimming room. A tank of at least four feet in length is recommended. While they are very docile as juveniles and can be kept in groups, they may fight with other Blue Hippo Tangs when mature.

Provide hiding places large enough to accommodate, as this fish can grow up to 12 inches. The Blue Hippo Tang will lay down on its side when it does not have a good hiding place available. They also display this behavior frequently as juveniles, when stressed, or transfered to new surroundings. As most tangs mainly feed on algae, this fish requires lots of live rock for grazing.

Diet should include plenty of algae based foods such as nori and fresh greens. Will also accept most small meat items such as mysis and pieces of krill.

Other related Tangs include: Achilles Tang, Blue Hippo Tang, Chevron Tang, Chocolate Tang, Clown Tang, Convict Tang, Desjardini Sailfin, Gold Rim Tang, Dussumier Tang, Kole Tang - Blue Eye, Kole Tang - Yellow Eye, Lavender Tang, Lemonpeel Mimic Tang, Mimic Tang, Naso Tang, Blonde Naso Tang, Orange Fin Tomini Tang, Orange Shoulder Tang, Powder Blue Surgeon, Powder Brown Surgeon, Purple Tang, Ringtail Tang, Scopas Tang, Sohal Tang, Vlamingi Tang, Yellow Tang

Maximum Length: 12 in.
Care Level: Easy
Family: Acanthuridae
Reef Compatibility: Reef safe.
Minimum Aquarium Size: 100 gal.
Range: Indo-Pacific: East Africa, Japan, Great Barrier Reef, New Caledonia, Samoa.
Diet: Omnivore- Preparations with algae as well as meaty items.
Water Conditions: 74-80 F; sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4

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