Well Known Artificial Reefs

There are a couple of aggressive artificial reefs programs that struggle to maintain the natural balance of the ocean. One of these programs is set in Volusia County, Florida, which is also the home of NASCAR, Daytona Beach and the very famous Mosquito Lagoon. Until now they were able to sustain a couple of sites out of which the most popular are site 3 and site 5.

Site 3 is one of the artificial reefs formed out of the former USS Mindanao war ship and it is the oldest reef ship. Its location is at 11 miles northeast of Ponce inlet and under 85 feet of water. The main deck is less than 60 feet under the water and it is situated in the N-S direction. The artificial reefs programs were able to rescue the superstructure before the sinking and were able to do all repairs that the wreck suffered during the terrible storms in winter 1995. Nowadays you can find a lot of schools of baitfish, tomtate grunts, mangrove snappers and a few anchors at the reef.

One of the closest artificial reefs to the Ponce inlet is site 5. Site 5 consists of clean material from some old bridges, Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach. On the site of this artificial reef you can find some colorful soft corals, groupers, flounders, sea bass and mangrove snappers. Because it is one of the closest artificial reefs to the inlet the visibility can come down to 10 feet near low tide. The visibility is sometimes much better after the hurricanes or in summer time before and after cold water upwelling.